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We offer a wbusinessconsulting1ide range of business consulting services in the Tampa Bay area to help your business succeed.  No one knows your business better than you do, that is why our Business Consulting service starts with questions.  Lots of questions.  Questions about how you do business, questions about your products or services, questions about your customers, etc.

And we wouldn’t be a very good computer consulting firm if we didn’t ask you questions about your use of computers, software, networks and databases to make your business successful.  We will use your answers to these questions and more to help you use all your resources to make your company even more profitable.
When you start a new business or want to grow an existing business, there are many things you have to know and do to be successful.  This list is NOT meant to be exhaustive, but it is meant to be a primer for more ideas and more solutions for success.

1.  Your Product or Servicebusinessconsulting2
A.  Be an expert when it comes to your product/service.
B.  Don’t add more to your product/service mix than you can handle.
C.  Don’t be afraid to say “no” to a product/service line if it doesn’t currently fit in.
D.  Leave the “Super Stores” to Walmart.
2.  Your Customer
A.  Who is your customer?
B.  What is his/her buying habits?
C.  Are you catering to your customer in a way that nobody else is?
D.  Are your customers’ needs being met?
E.  Are there other related products/services that your customer needs?
(Do you see how this now relates back to #1 above?)
3.  Product/Service Distribution
A.  How is your product/service being distributed?
B.  How much is it costing to be distributed?
C.  Are there other methods of distribution that are more effective?  Less expensive?  Quicker?
D.  Is there a risk that this method of distribution could be shut down/broken?  Technological problem?  Company going out of business?  Strike?
4. Customer Service and Sales Tracking
A. Which customers are buying the most?
B. Which products are they buying?
C. Which products are not selling very well or at all?
D. How to attract customers and keep them happy.With our Business Consulting service, we will work with you on these and other vital business questions. Our goal is to help you decide what your business needs to be doing to grow, to become as successful as possible and to add to the bottom line in new and exciting ways!
4 Keys to Business Growth

1.  Provide New Clients
(Keep existing customers happy while finding new customers to serve.)

2.  Quality Work
(Your customers deserve your best products and your best service AT ALL TIMES.)

3.  Delivered On Time
(Nobody likes to wait.  Do your best to deliver your product or service  promptly.)

4.  Within Budget
(At a price that will make them want to come back again and again.

Bonus Tip:
Always finish your contact with your customer with:
“Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

That gives your customer the idea that you are willing to spend whatever time  with him/her that they need.


Does Your Current Business Consulting Solutions Provider . . .
  1. Offer an hour of free consulting to find out your businessconsulting3needs and introduce his/her services to you?
  2. Talk to you about your business needs in a way that is clear, precise and not “Computer-ese”?
  3. Provide a free, detailed proposal for you to approve before any commitments are made?
  4. Include a list of current, local clients and other references to check if you wish?
  5. Work with you, providing useful, workable solutions to your business needs?
  6. Make you feel like the important client that you are?
  7. Solve your business needs and then support the solution and any future enhancements?
If you answered “YES” to the above questions, you must already be a 1st Choice Computer Consulting, Inc. client.


Thank You! We appreciate your business!

If not, you’ve come to the right place!

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